Mix & Match

The cabinets on either side of this pre-purchased desk were crafted by Makari Designs. It’s easy to combine your existing furniture with new pieces from us because of our ability to customize to your unique needs.

Matching Sets

This mid-century modern coffee table and end tables were made as a matching set. Ordering multiple pieces to match makes your room absolutely eye-catching!

Large Centerpieces

The Asian Platform bed and matching nightstands tie perfectly into the room decor as a whole. Using larger pieces from Makari Designs can make for a stunning centerpiece which can be surrounded by matching decor.


While our furniture is beautiful on it’s own, each piece deserves it’s own setting. Use books, dishes, or plants to decorate your furniture and give it life!

Varying Uses

This modern coffee table was built to double as a dining table for a couple who lived in Asia and enjoy eating seated on the floor! Our pieces can be built to whatever specifications you want to make them fit your unique needs.